The Spring of Ardoc

A new road, some lost lamb?

The following morning, the party spokesperson negotiated many days rations and a donkey to carry it as the party had been tasked with heading to the east coast to see what remnants of civilization may have survived the long winter and report back after what was expected to be several weeks out and back. As a favor, Thomas asked that they look into a complaint of missing mutton ocuring in one of farthest farming crofts settled to the east. After a couple of uneventful days travel through the ever more sparsely populated farms of eastern Ardoc, they arrived at Rumblegrass to find the town in a state of panic. Determined to help, our group set forth to through the grazelands to discover the trapped entrance to an earthen cave beneath an ancient willow. Slowly descending, the group stumbled upon several lightly armed kobolds. Quickly dispatching them, they ventured single file further into the earth through the cramped tunnel. After several members were doused with oil and setting of a frightful wail throughout the underground complex. The group finally entered a more open space to find a large contingent of kobolds arranged against them.


simon_overthinker simon_overthinker

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