The Spring of Ardoc

A side campaign, The tower once lost

With a smaller group, we decided to start a secondary adventure rather than kill off anyone else. With a dwarven wizard of questionable clan, elven ranger of questionable work ethic and halfing rogue just questionable, the small group set out to determine the fate of one of the elves missing friends near the town of Hatchett. Finding the apparently abandoned logging home of his friend, the elf and his two companions soon found the sad ending at the hands of some hunting spiders. Making quick work of the eight leg critters including the ones in the woods, the desicated remains of the woodsman and his family are found and quietly tended to. While finishing this gruesome work, a tattered map showing the location of the lost tower or Ord, a famous wizard known for his work with magical automatons, was found in the woodsman’s pouch. Deciding it was worth a look, the three set off along the Orry creek to find the rumored fortune to be found.


simon_overthinker simon_overthinker

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