The Spring of Ardoc

On a noble quest...

Elven noble goes beyond the boundries

Forced to leave my home, I’m journeying forth to discovered the songs of the other races. Ineed to bring something trully spectacular to sing into the Ice Caverns to be recorded for all history.

But first i had to travel far from the glaciel estate of my youth, into the heathen lands. Everything is unnaturally warm there and their languages are not as melodious as my native tongue.

By the time i’ve found something worthy, perhaps my father will have forgiven me and allow me to return once more.

I’ve had to hire a local to guide me around since my studies never included geography of the northern lands. Or i slept through them, i’m not sure.

Either way, he’s a splendid fellow. Though he could use a bath, he comes remarkable cheap and knowledable on the are i find myself now.

Traveling to a town ahead, my companion was distracted by something. the tang of copper in the air. the smell of battle and blood. Not far did we travel, before we found the slain harpy in the river, close to our original path.

Keen to be on our way, i could not dissuade my guide from investigating this mysterious death in his forest. We followed the river a pace, till we came upon a clearing and 2 stranges.

Wary, we all had our weapons drawn eyeing about for any ambushes or tramps. Bandying a few words, i took a chance on sheathing my swords. The tale they told of this tower before us seemed intriguing. Perhaps i could use it as a basis for a song. And they story of metal men and beasts couldn’t be passed up.

Renfield and i joned them in further explorations. The interior was rather drafty, a moan could be heard furter upstiars. Sensing no immediate traps, and somewhat emboldened by the increase in numbers, we behan exploring the first floor. One room would only prove to contain rotting cots and an empty fireplace. we then split to check the other 2 doors. I Picked in to the door i chose and saw a glint of metal and i could heard the sound of metal sliding across metal. Unprepared for this fresh horror, i make a strategic advance to the rear, back into the false saftey of the hallway. The unholy thing sprang past me and we all got a good, solid look at the mechanical beast, akin to a cat made from metal plates and leather bandings. Keen to be away from “it” i dodged back through the open door, closing it behind me. Though capably of wielding a sword, it’s not my forte and there were plenty of people in the hall who could take care of it. Quickly searching the room, i soon grew remorseful and preppared to leap back into the fight, only to discover it was over. The other room held no mechanicl monster, but it did have a trap that our cleric foolish triggered in his has to loot chest. After a moments respite, we continue through the tower. The next floor was some macabe assembly line, who;s puprpse, we could not rationalize.

little cogs and bits and bobs, copper wire, silver plates. and bones. Do to the stat of the room, it was decided thta thismust have been the machine factory that build the clockwork killers we had dealt with so far.
The third floor, which apparently was the original point of entry for our new comrades, held another mechanical corpse. who yielded a golden heart when dismantled.
We entered a study with a fireplace and a large fire opal in it. There was also a closed door, where the moaning originated.
OUr wizard rushed the door, quick to be rid of the infernal moaning, only to discovered something caught on the threshold between life and death. As the thing that once owned the tower came out at us, i began a rousing song to inspire courge and dispell fear in my new friends.

As one, we brought it down. The druid gained the staff, since it had power, but wasn’[t radiating evil. after some debate, it was decided since there was no one to lay claim to it, the tower would be ours. A base of operations. a home between adventures. Nestled out of the way from general traffic. We each claimed rooms and set about examining our various finds and exchanging them with each other for mone or items.

Some one inspected our new pond, and was nearly eaten for their efforsts by our new lake monsters. Which i was a gather was a back of rabid, fire breathing Dire Toads.

After securing our stuff, traveled on to town. to sell our gain. And where i hope to dice for some coins in the taverns and learn some new songs for my collection…


simon_overthinker meleaina

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