The Spring of Ardoc

Summary 2

Upon arrival an hour or so out of Crossroads, a brief inspection found one tomb to show signs of recent activity. Opening the tomb revealed the prone form of a severely injured form of a cleric of Pelor puddle in torn white robes babbling incoherently about failing. Drifting into unconsciousness, the cleric is set on a high point outside the tomb as are the remains of two other fallen white robed followers who have passed on. The main floor proves to be empty of any other living persons. Approaching the stairs, leading into darkness, the noise of the group triggers a rat swarm to pour up the stairs attacking all in site. The brave but unskilled druid attempts to calm the seething mass. Unfortunately his efforts only incite them to greater frenzy. After a brief struggle, near two dozen large rats lay dead with only some minor scratches suffered by all but the druid who requires a little more healing.
more to follow


simon_overthinker simon_overthinker

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