The Spring of Ardoc

Summary 1
the beginning

Since it has been a few weeks and looks like another week will pass before playing, I will try to summarize to date:
From various backgrounds and locations within Ardoc, a small group of men and women found themselves in the town of Crossroads. A lovely little town sprung from the crossing of several trade routes in the vast grasslands of Eastern Ardoc. Settling in to the Dusty Square Inn, a brave and bold paladin of Kord was challenged to a contest of will by a solid dwarf. In little order the local constabulary were summoned to clear out the two sodden contestants to spend a night in lock-up. Whilst this brave match of ale consumption transpired, several other less daring members had been asked or inquired into work with instruction to meet at the local office of the Lord’s Explorers. Several chose to go. Upon arrival they discovered the surly but awake two contestants already there. After a brief discussion, a swearing in and some preliminary paper work, the newly minted party was asked to investigate some unusual happenings near the burial mounds south of town. On the way out of town, the party of a ranger, druid, paladin and sorcerer were joined by two clerics (one quite creepy the other a stout follower of Moradin) and two fighters. Bravely setting forth, the group quickly learned to leave some space around the little gnome sorcerer and his foul smell attempts at magic.

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