Hatchett The Geography

Hatchett Township

Hatchett is a prosperous town only founded in the last 100 or so years. Starting life as a simple garrison on the road between Sandstun and the main lands of Ardoc has made it a regular caravan stop. Situated on the Orry Creek on the outskirts of Deep Gut Forest has turned Hatchett into a prosperous lumber town to boot. Surrounded by a high wooden stockade covered in a tan colored plaster with a single gate (18’ high), the main portion of Hatchett presents a stout face to the world. Opposite the main caravan park in front of the main gate further development has occurred. A squat tower stands at the opening of a lower stockade (6’ high) that surrounds this portion of town. The buildings of Hatchett are of stout log and mud daub construction with sheets of natural slate shingling the roofs. The only stone buildings are the Old Garrison keep and Stankside tower. Tower keep stands over 30’ high, this solid block structure looks over the town center while providing a solid watch over the forest to the towns back. A large grove of Oak, Aspen and Maple fills a prominent area in the center of town. The town bustles with industry on the south side of town where a lumber mill, smithy and most shops are. The north side of town is more residential. The east side of Hatchett has been affectionately named “Stankside”. It has earned the name as a result of the large tanning operation located on orry creek. Another inn as well as several other businesses have opened in the newer portion of town as well. The caravan court is outside the walls on the banks of the Orry Creek where it passes under an oaken log bridge of the main road. Small farms dot the land north of town with the Deep Gut Forest filling the southern views.
1. Old Garrison Keep
An imposing 30’ tall square stone tower, this solid structure can be seen for miles around. The council of Ardoc recently appointed Sir Harsk as lord of keep and town. Bringing only a squire, mage and a cook, Sir Harsk has just begun building a local militia body. As a result only a dozen man at arms currently patrol the streets of the town.
2. Granary
Two large wooden towers hold the grains from the local harvest in storage for winter months.
3. St. Antenious Temple
The largest temple to St Antenious in Ardoc, the temple is build of field stone and massive timbers next to the main keep. The heavy double doors are inlaid with silver depicting St. Antenious’s symbol with a faintly glowing garnet set in the center. The high Protector in the lands of Ardoc is Ulfgar. 3-5 Protectors clerics) in various stages of training assist him in his daily duties. It is not unusual for a questing Paladin or two to be present as well.
4. Wyrm Tales Inn
The sign over the door depicts a sleeping dragon curled in an undersized bed. As the oldest inn, many recognize this as the best stop between Crossroads and Sandstun. The current proprietor, Tim Troutface, takes pride in that serving some of the best fare around with the famed home baked rye bread. He is assisted by several barmaids and a very able cook. On most nights, a bard or storyteller will be present in the main room.
5. Ardoc Rangers Barracks
This specialized group of soldiers patrols the woods and wilds from the Gap Range to the Mordervhal Sea. Over 80 rangers of multiple races are sworn to the lord’s service. Working in teams of 5, they are gone for weeks on end for patrols with no more than 20-30 in town at any given time. Led by Shi’la Swiftstream, they are considered some of the loyalist of Ardoc’s troops. Most are 2nd-3rd lvl with a dozen being 4th-6th and another half dozen 7th-9thlvl. Armed with composite bows and rapiers, they are typically clad in brown leathers and mixed green cloaks wearing a small matte bronze brooch showing the two lightning bolts with sun superimposed that shows service to the lord of Ardoc.
6. Kalean Shrine
A small statue with altar watches over the gate to the town. Being Kalean indicates is the first sign that the worst of the persecutions over magic use are being left behind in the plains of Ardoc.
7. The Mill
Orry creek flows by this large building powering a water wheel that turns nearly 24 hours a day. The noise of men and tools can be heard as anyone approaches the south of town. Anyone willing to labor can ask for work.
8. Lumber Warehouse
The logs that have been processed into lumber are stored here to start the drying process until loaded and shipped to other parts of Ardoc after purchase.
9. Spellstop
Tucked away behind the mill and some of the other business in town is a small shop with a wooden sign in the shape of a mortar and pestle. Inside is a single counter with shelves interrupted by a single door behind it. Run by Jakob, basic spell components and potion supplies can be purchased here. Several vials of prepared potions as well and lesser magic items may also be found.
10. Lingon’s Clothier
Selling common to quality lines, Lingon and her husband carry a good general selection for the folks travelling through.
11. Tilted Scale Traders
Over the door of this establishment hangs a wooden sign of a balance with a tilted center support. Inside can be purchased all manner of dry goods and general supplies. Run by a pair of enterprising Halfling twin brothers, Jordy and Gordy. Both are expert merchants who will deal in about anything although focus remains on the basic necessities.
12. Drunken Dragon Tavern
With a sloshed dragon curled in a flagon, there is little doubt what this place is about. The favorite of the local workers from the mill, hearty basics are readily available from the proprietor Simple Simon and his bevy of barmaids.
13. Grove of Sylvamond
In the middle of this peaceful glade shielded from the rest of the village by the high trees and undergrowth is a beautiful state of Sylvamond carved from Rosewood at an open air altar. A low two room wooden building hides amongst the growth behind the statue where a cleric Rai’vel and druid Argerblus live. Each tends to the grove and those who enter in their own way.
14. Iron Drake Smith
Run by Tong Irontongue a brutish dwarf, mainly lower ranking cold iron guild members work here. Many common items such as axe heads and nails are made here. Simple weapons are also produced when requested. Armor is beyond the smiths here beyond simple repairs.
16. Merchant Confederation
This is the first branch office opened representing the federation out of Sandstun. A fighter (3rd-4th level) is always present on guard inside the main door. A large desk is the only other furnishing. Sitting at the desk at any time will be found Trevino, Marst, or Fem Parik. Any will be more than happy to discuss opportunities within the confederation. Any confederation office also acts as a bank of sorts allowing for money transfers and deposits for a small fee.
17. Lord’s Explorers Office
This small building is located just north of the main keep. Inside is a desk and shelving containing many scroll cases. Behind the desk sits Farric One-Eye. A long standing resident of Hatchett, he has run the guild office for 6 years since losing his eye while on duty with the Rangers.
18. Tim’s Tools
Run by Tim the Tool man, most basic tools such as axes, saws, hammers, awls, etc. can be found here. Wheelbarrows and other small wagons can also be purchased through Tim.
19. Faric’s Leathers
Here, many of the leathers that are produced by the tanner’s guild are turned into finished goods. From Leather Armor to saddles, Boots to belt sheaths, most can be found here. Several skilled craftsman produce these items while working for Faric. If you can get past the smells of the tanners, this is the place to go.
20. Tanner’s Guild
Supplied from farms and hunters alike, the guild hall teaches members how to take a fresh skin and turn it into usable leathers. Run by Peter Everstink, the guild is the newest such in Ardoc. At any time, 8-10 laborers of the guild are working in the tanks and scraping pits prepping the hides. Any skins collected can be sold directly at the guild office as well as well purchasing prepared leathers for crafting.
21. Stankside Guard Tower
A stout stone structure standing 18’ high, this is the home of the Hatchett Militia. 4-5 of the man-at-arms can be found here at any time. As of yet, no Sgt of Arms has been appointed.
22. Rusty Nail Inn
The largest building in the stankside quarter, the rough hewn timbers are graced by a wooden sign simply in the shape of a nail. Inside is worn wood with a stone floor crowded with tables. A simple counter and staircase are to one side.
23. Working Mane Livestock
Run by Gorlic the bowlegged, Mules, Pony’s and horses are bought and sold.
24. Hall of Finnith
The Anointed Mason Karn is the chief cleric at this temple. Supporting several apprentice stone shapers (acolytes and 1st lvl clerics), Karn is a willing teacher. The temple is of stone carved to represent the intricacies of a woodland canopy to honor the town’s heritage. As an ongoing project, there are two young stone mason apprentices learning the craft furthering the temple designs as well.
25. Sawdust Tavern
Above the door is a wooden sign showing a wooden mug being cut by a saw. If Karn is not in the hall, he will be found here where the smell of the tanners work, animal, and man mingle to form a unique odor. Simple Ale and Cider and the stew of the day can be purchased from the proprietor, Sara Longface or her help. No sleeping quarters available in this simple wooden building.
26. The Sawhorse Exchange
The exchange is both bank and market where Orville Spindleye oversees the negotiations of and records payment transfer for any and all lumber transactions requiring transport to the various towns and cities in Ardoc. As a ranking member of the Merchant Confederation, he is considered as objective as can be had as such. Two to three clerks are on hand to help record and manage the goings on as well.

The Geography


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