The Geography


Hogshead is a prosperous little hamlet known for it’s pork and its stink. No barracks or keep has been established in town with most issues being dealt with by either clerics of the Honrar temple or employees of the merchant confederation. With the constant miasma in the air, visitors tend to remain indoors and only in for short visits. Most of the buildings are 3 story stone and daub construction.

1. The Slaughterhouse
A large operation owned and run by the Svenblood family where primarily hog is slaughtered and butchered en masse.

2. Smokehouse and Storage
This is owned by several members of the Merchant confederation where the butchered meat of the slaughterhouse is smoked, cured, stored and distributed throughout Ardoc. Wagons leaving loaded are a regular sight.

3. Church of Saulen
A small temple where, Ashen Arbiter of Light tends to those in need while ensuring the dark ways magic leads to remain guarded.

4. Humble Hog Inn
A small tavern/common room is warmed by a single large fireplace where Orvald and his family cooke simple fair to serve. A bar curves from the fireplace to wrap one corner of the space with a single staircase leading up to 8 small rooms for rent.

5. Merchant Conderation
Provides banking and contract support for Confederation interests with the meat market in area.

6. Shortstack Smithee
Ubar Oremeltermetalmakerfirekeeper the gnome is master of the shortstack smithee. Ever inquisitive, he has his two journey mand and three apprentices constantly working on new contraptions to speed up work. The bellows, for example, are powered by fans in the chimney turned by the rising hot air. Meant to free up manpower for other work, one of the chimneys is typically cold to clean the ever clogged vanes.

7. Misig’s General Store
Misig is a grizzled half-orc and known gossip. She knows her store nearly as well as the goings on of all the village folk and surrounding farmsteads. All manner of items have collected in the cluttered corners of her domain as well beyond the normal dried goods and sundries one might expect.

8. Jorgen’s Clothiers
Jorgen provides solid workaday apparel at fair pricing.

9. Temple to Honrar
Temple and training yard for local parishoners who meet twice a month for basic weapon and defense training under Mittelhau Orbastaun and Swordmaiden River Argight.

10. Training Yards
A low rope fences in an area of laid stones where regular practices are held for various martial activities and training.

11. Old Mill
Simple sturdy wooden boats are pulled up on shore at night to be pushed out to sea by their small 3-4 man crews to fish every day.

12. Pens
A mix of livestock is kept in the smaller yard during the night. The larger yard is a huge pig pen for breeding and raising hogs.

13. Hosues
Small one and a half story homes with stone walled cellars with lower half of outer walls stone the rest mud daub with thatch roofs.

14. Ancient face of Vandaren
Large worn carved visages like this are still found along older roads. Travellers are know to still leave token offerings of food or drink hoping for good fortune on travels.

The Geography


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