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In the lands of Ardoc, few professional organizations exist that are not community or church supported. The exception is the Nachtgild.

a. Brotherhood of the Sword – Dedicated military arm of the Temple of Honrar, made up of both knights and paladins. Primary role is to serve through valor as administrators of justice. Currently lead by Marsten, the Sword of Justice from the high temple in Ardoc.
Notes on Brotherhood:
Adhering to a basic code, all knights and Paladins of the order must swear fealty to Lord of Ardoc, Honrar and the order. This entails obeying all lawfully give orders, tithing 25% of all rewards and monies gained and serving as Judge Marshall when requested by local leaders or temple. In exchange, a member receives a blade at 1sr level, shield at 3rd level and armor at 6th level. Room and board are free at any temple of Honrar at all times and at a local keep whenever serving Judge Marshall.
Code of Honor
• Justice – The laws of our God and our Lord serve the greater good. There is no gray, it is right or wrong
• Compassion – The Law is inviolate, it is not cruel, nor should a knight be. Kindness is not weakness.
• Sincerity – The spoken word of a knight is binding. A promise made or oath taken will always be fulfilled without compulsion.
• Loyalty – A knight serves both those who make the law and those who live under the law.
• Honor – Guided by conscience, the laws will be supported so that the honor of the lord, the order, and the knight remain unscathed.

b. Eldestgard – A select handful of Elven warriors and battlemages tasked with protecting and acting as the hands of the Eldest. The Eldest is the current Lord of the elves whose life predates the age of darkness by years untold (rumored to be nearing 900 suns in age).

c. The Merchant Confederation – the wealthiest families of Sandstun have organized into a mutually supportive group to manage the city. With branches throughout Ardoc, the confederation acts as stock exchange and bank wherever offices are open.

d. The Garrisons – These represent the foot soldiers and horsemen that make up the bulk of Ardoc’s organized military. Barracks can be found in every city. While not mandatory, one year of service and training is encouraged for all young men. Pay is nominal but room, board and training are all free.

e. Watchers of Kalean – A dedicated order of monks scattered throughout Ardoc tasked with keeping an ever watchful eye to prevent evil from taking root. They train and are headquartered out of the temple in Ardoc.

f. Pale Horse Clan – Roaming the Greater Sea of Grass, this is a loose knit group of nomadic horse tribes living on the edge of the fallow lands. Typical hunting parties are 3-5 strong while upwards of 40 members will be found in a camp. Once a year, the tribes gather for the celebration of the sun.
Running with the wind over the steppes and plains, nothing else makes the blood race as much. Speed and stamina make the hunt and defend the clan. Followers of the Horse prize speed and endurance in themselves and their mounts. A favorite tactic, whether mounted or on foot, is to strike hard and fast then retreat and ready for the next foray before the enemy can react. These clans prefer the wide open spaces and are the least trusting of what the city dwellers have to offer. They take great pride in their skills with axe and bow and are capable of wielding both while moving without any penalty to accuracy.
Greater Gallop (EX) – Once per day you can increase on foot land speed by +15 for 1 round per every 5 levels. Useful for running down those that defy you or have had the audacity to attack you. This power is activated as a free action when raging.
Rearing Blow (EX) – The blow from a horse hoof is great enough to stagger or kill an opponent. When in a rage, you gain the same fearsome attack. An overhand strike gains +2 to hit and +4 to damage. This power is activated as a free action once per day and is only usable when raging.
Horseman’s Pride (EX) – This allows you to knock another rider off their mount and mount it yourself while the horse is in stride. A successful grapple attack must be rolled with a +4 add to accomplish this feat. No save for the dismounted rider to stay on but an agility roll at -2 must be made to avoid trampling by the horse. This power is used instead of a standard attack once per day while in rage for level 3 or higher.

g. Horned Owl Clan – This is a smaller group that lives in the southern reaches of Deep Gut forest. As with the Pale horse Clan, hunting groups are typically 3-5 strong. Less nomadic, small longhouses cluster to form primitive villages holding 100- 150 members.
Choose a moment and strike without hesitation. This is the creed of the owl totem. These barbarians revere speed, quickness, and stealth as they seek the silent swiftness of the owl by with the unexpected swift strike meant to break a foe.
When selecting rage powers, owl barbarians choose powers that make them a constant threat in battle. No escape, quick reflexes, swift foot, and unexpected strike all mesh well with their behavior.
Swift Approach (Ex)—When you enter a rage, you may reroll your initiative as an immediate action. This reroll adds your Strength modifier in addition to any other normal modifiers. Your new initiative count takes effect the round after this power is activated, potentially changing your order in combat.
Eagle-Eyed (Ex)—As a free action 1/rage, you may ignore any attack penalties associated with concealment, invisibility, blindness, and any other visual effects. You must be at least 8th level.
Streaking Talons (Ex)—While raging, you may cause a successful attack to deal bleed damage equal to your Strength modifier in addition to your normal damage roll 1/day. This power is used as a swift action before the roll to hit is made. You must be at least 12th level before selecting this power.

h. Nachtgild – This is a long standing organization of the less desirable elements of society. Based in Ardoc with members throughout the towns of the land. Membership is not optional for anyone operating within any of the communities of Ardoc. Rumors abound about whom is the actual head of the organization but only a small handful know truth. A 15% tithe is owed the guild for any bounty recovered while on guild business. A thieves’ kit is provided at first level for 50% of cost to members.

i. The Lord’s Explorers – General adventurers are chartered by the Council of Ardoc to assist in problem solving for issues smaller than the garrisons would handle as well as venturing beyond the current bounds of lands claimed by Ardoc. The Lord’s Representative is headquartered in Crossroads with offices in all the major communities. Depending on the duty assigned, pay, equipment, etc. may be provided. On explorations, a 10% tax on goods found applies and any newly explored lands belong to Ardoc.
- The Lord’s Oath: Do you swear and understand that by accepting this oath, you will; uphold the honor of the Lord of Ardoc as if it was your own, follow commands given by your duly appointed superiors and obey the laws of the lands under the lord’s rule? In so doing you will receive what aid and assistance is deemed necessary to accomplish the tasks you are appointed to. All to last for an initial term of 60 days or until such time as the lord or his duly appointed servant terminates this contract?
- Respondent – I do so swear.
- Contract is signed and filed by appointed representative.

j. Elemental Court – The remnants of wizardry and sorcery in Sandstun are still overseen by the court. In true matters of magic, the court serves as final arbitrator and point of justice. They also oversee the library and all its collections granting access for study and protecting what knowledge remains.

k. The Covenant of Icespawn – This very secretive organization works to fill the void left by Tekenal’s defeat. Gathering information both arcane and mundane with the purpose of bringing back the ice and the shadows that caused it. Agents are well placed throughout Silestic never numbering more than 25.

l. The Order of Hiberna Nex (winter death) – This small order of blackguard and servants controls the Vhal Islands east of Ardoc. Dedicated to the goal of destruction of Attiphae, they use their resources to further her aim for destruction. At present, only rumor exists of their existence in Ardoc as the few who encounter them on the seas are either killed or enslaved.

m. Cold Iron Guild – The guild controls training into the arts of blacksmithing for all but the Elven and Dwarven communities. Most start apprenticed as early as 10 years old in the trade at the various crofts and towns throughout Ardoc with the main hall located in Ardoc. Typical indenture is for 5 years at which time the prospective smith can either be presented at the guild hall or pursue other interests. Cost is minimum of 1GP equivalent a month to guild office. Any character that has completed five years is automatically at skill level 2 for basic metal work to include blade and armor repair.

n. Tanner’s Guild – The guild monitors all activity from trapping to finishing of hides and skins. Located in Hatchett, members come from all walks of life. The skilled workers are treated similar to blacksmiths in regards to apprenticeship and skills. Cost is same but extends to trappers, tanning and working trades.

o. Ash Harp Remnants – Loose knit organization of bard’s and storytellers that have survived the time of the cold. Based out of Shorthill, they provide teaching and employment opportunity for aspiring musicians and tale spinners. They also collect songs and tales creating bit of a tall tale history with many nuggets of truth.

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Organizations and Societies

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