The Spring of Ardoc

Dazed Dwarves can be fun

Continuing further into the darkness our dazed dwarf encountered two very “friendly” brothers who were very interested to here his hurried tale about helping his friends. Upon completing his tale, his new “friends” immediately set upon him bringing his story to a sad conclusion. Meanwhile, the main party had dispatched the remaining burning undead, put out the paladin and firmly scolded the gnome for his sorcerers erroneous thinking. With the dust settling, they were decidedly surprised when the doors opened on the far end of the burial room to reveal the two frightening looking brothers and their newest ally. With some lucky blows and concerted effort by the whole group, the three wights were dispatched. With heavy heart, the creepy cleric of Wee-Jas gave final rights to the departed dwarf while the rest of the party took stock of the damage.


simon_overthinker simon_overthinker

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