The Spring of Ardoc

Deeper we go

After a brief respite, the group decided to delve deeper into the unsettling dark from whence the rats came. Passing the final resting place of many past citizens of crossroads, our brave group came upon a pile of detritus and debris containing some white cloaks and a chewed on symbol of Pelor. Deciding to continue anyways, the group chose between to set of heavy, closed doors. The half orc paladin decided the best entry was to smash in the doors. The zombies on the other side were not so pleased. Bottle necked in the door most of the party could only watch as the main brawn attempted to beat down the pesky critters. The party sorcerer, seeing this as an opportunity to prove his worth, chose now as the perfect time to use grease and try and set the monsters on fire. While succeeding admirably in his work, he sadly lit the paladin as well. Not being able to stand back any longer, the dwarven cleric of Moradin decided the other doors must lead to a back way to get behind the now burning fight just out of his reach. Charging through the other space, he found the doors not so willing to open as his Paladin friend had. The resulting collision with an unmoving door left him dazed but determined to press on.


simon_overthinker simon_overthinker

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