The Spring of Ardoc

Through the woods

Finding the tributary marked on the map, the small party heads deeper into the woods, hearing a startled squawk followed by a beautiful melody, the group is immediately prepared for the worst. Not to disapoint, a harpy soon descends from the canopy swooping down to attack. After a brief fight quickly ended by the halfling dispatching the harpy, never mind the arrow shot that knocked it senseless to the ground, a brief search locates the foul creatures nest and the paltry treasure within, a well crafted dagger with black leather hilt. Looking deeply into the blade reveals strangely floating runes stating simply “the hand”. Needing better armament, the halfling gladly accepts the blade to use in defense of his fellow adventurers as they head further “up a creek” looking for the tower. After another uneventful hour of trudging, they discover the 40+ foot tower amidst the old growth of the forest. The stream they traveled passes through a slow turning water wheel on one side of the tower. High above the ground is a window the group decides is the best point of entry.


simon_overthinker simon_overthinker

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