The Spring of Ardoc

Who wants to go down first?

After a brief rest and tending to wounds, the group decided to finish what they started. Descending a wide stair into an ever chillier air, a cold airy voice greeted them. “At last, somebody has made it this far. A worthy foe worth dispatching”. Out of the deeper gloom lurched several more zombies while an armored figure of decayed flesh and bone stepped forth with great sword drawn and a cold blue light burning in his eyes. Creepy Cleric proved his worth forcing all the zombies to a far corner where they pile into the unforgiving stone attempting to flee. The ranger, fighters and paladin proceeded to surround the dread knight in attempt to destroy him. Deeply wounded but all alive, they were victorious in defeating the deadly apparition. To ensure his spirit was gone, the cleric of Wee-Jas prayed over the remains to guide the spirit on. Much to his disappointment, the knights eyes began to again glow with that cold light. Before things could get worse, the dwarven fighter quickly stepped in and crushed the skull dimming the lights for good.


simon_overthinker simon_overthinker

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